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Press trips

The Press Trip 2014 went to Narvik and Bodø and had the following program:


October 7


First flight from Oslo to Narvik, 07.00


10.00 Bus to town and then train to the Swedish border on the spectacular



Presentations by Jernbaneverket and LKAB about the need to increase the

transportation of iron ore, possibly by building a new track. LKAB also has

plans to use natural gas for its production I Kiruna.


19.59 we fly to Bodø



October 8


Search and rescue in Arctic waters


The Shipowner’s Association is making a programme which includes visiting

Hovedredningssentralen/The Joint Rescue Co-ordination center, the 330

squadron and to be part of a rescue operation with helicopter, where we

pick up a person from the sea.


The helicopter will leave us on a beach for lunch, with short presentations

by Sturla Henriksen from the Shipowners Association and from the leader of

Fylkeskommunen, about Bodø as the centre for Search and Rescue in the Arctic


We will take a rib-boat back through Saltstraumen to Bodø.



October 9


We will follow the opening session of the Arctic Business conference, with

presentations by leading climate expert Laurence C Smith, Sturla Henriksen

and Menon Business Economics who will talk about oil in the Arctic and the

Re-freeze of the world politics in this region.


Information about the opening session is here: 


In the afternoon there will be more specialised sessions about the Northern

Sea Route etc and possibility to interview shipowners and oil companies..


We fly back in the evening to Oslo.




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